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August 29, 2009
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i want a boy that makes me weak in the elbows.

i want him to drive a red camaro and put pens behind his ear because he’s scared he’ll think of something he needs to say when there’s no one around. i want him to never hesitate to hug me from behind or throw me over his shoulder and spin me until i swallow my spine. i want him to mess up my hair and pinch my cheek and then kiss me until my teeth are shaking and my nerves are smoking. i don’t know where he is yet, but i know i’ll find him.


well, i won't make you weak in the elbows, but i can make you weak in your ribcage; i can tame the struggling butterflies and terminate your bloodflow. i don't have a car, but i'd rather take long walks with you across the vivace boardwalk, holding hands or locking lips. there's no pen behind my ears, but there's an eraser in my chest that can erase all your problems if you listen closely. i won't hug you when you cry; i'd save them for beating up the bastard who stole your tears. your hair is too lovely to mess up, your cheeks too delicate.

i do promise, however, to take you camping in the heart of my heart and sing you lovesongs on my acoustic guitar. by day, we'll count the powder stratus clouds, squinting our magnetic eyes until they transform into living flowers i could pick or pretty rings i could buy; by night, we'll connect the diamond stars until the constellations spell our names in the moonlit sky like a permanent marker. i promise to pack the tent if you promise to be by my side.


i don’t want to be too delicate, i want a boy that holds me tight.

i don’t want him to be scared to grab me close, i want him to push me against the wall and kiss me until my breath leaks out the back of my skull. i want his touch to ice over my skin and his lips to melt it. i want him to look at me in a way that makes my heart puddle on my tongue so that when he smiles i can swallow and lose it all over again.

and i want him to know that when i’m wrapping my arms around my waist it means i’m five seconds away from falling apart and i need him to take two less than that to hold me together. i want him to not worry about the bastard that made me cry but be there comforting me instead. the bastard can wait, i can’t. i want him to know the stars are beautiful but his eyes are better, so stop looking for our names up there and start finding me right here.


i can't hold you tight because my muscles go weak when i see you. it's not that i'm scared to grab you, but my timesnewroman tongue is dry from all this chasing after you and honestly i have nothing to give you -- nothing but lovelovelove and pretty words you don't want to hear.

it would take me less than three seconds to save you, but with you three seconds feels like an eternity -- an eternity i would spend with no other than you. my arms may not be that strong, and my vision may be blurred, but my cardiovascular pumps eighteen gallons whenever i'm with you; my treadmill heart shoots arrowlike bloodcells through treadmill veins, and i get all my exercise from breathing too hard because you've stolen my breath and replaced it with carbon dioxide. i don't need lungs when i have yours, and i don't need sight when i have your head in my lap.


i don’t want to make him weak, i want to make him strong.

i want him to catch me when i fall and not try to build me a trampoline with pretty words. pretty words won’t protect my skull from shattering and painting the sidewalk with the violent colors of my wishes. i want his arms to be there when my bones melt and his spine to strengthen mine when the world weighs too much and my knees buckle under it all.

and i can’t be his extra set of lungs because i’m already using mine and still running out of air. i can’t break him down when i’m already eroding at five centimeters a minute. i want to lean on him and let him lean on me so that we’re sturdy together and not losing our feet and breath and hearts without thinking. i don’t expect him to pump the blood in my veins because i can’t push the air through his lips. i just want him to hold my fingers and tell me it’ll be okay.


well, i want a girl who refers to "me" instead of "him", or a girl who doesn't need pronouns at all, but instead calls me by my name; when she means 'we', she'd roll our names off the tip of her tongue. i guess me and you aren't so compatible after all. all we are is pretty words with an abundance of pronouns; no emotion, just flowery rhetoric that would die in a vase because...

a) i'm too lazy to remember to water it, and
b) you're too picky to care, so you'll watch them die because you much prefer tulips to pansies. and while i may have two lips, the conveyor-belt-garden of my ribcage grows too many pansies.

and you've always had an allergy to them, haven't you ?
{"we're the new face of failure
prettier and younger but not any better off
bullet proof loneliness at best, at best"
--fall out boy

and we're such a pretty puzzle, we're just missing all the pieces.

so this collab is the amazing, incredible *ChloroformBoy
seriously, seriously check him out. he'll blow your mind.
his version -- > [link]

[i wrote italics, he wrote the amazing parts.]
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JuneAlien Featured By Owner Jun 16, 2011
This is so sad but so true. I must admit I love it.
MekaMouse Featured By Owner Apr 12, 2010  Student Writer
I love the way you two fell into rhythm.
It was like watching a dance and the two of you simultaneously breaking your legs and seeing you crumble down because both of you always hated dancing.
thank you, beautiful :heart:
MekaMouse Featured By Owner Apr 13, 2010  Student Writer
welcome, amazing :)
oxcrushhed Featured By Owner Jan 27, 2010   Photographer
eek! :heart: i love this.
haha a collab from my 2 favourite writers on dA `
i love writing with devin :]
oxcrushhed Featured By Owner Jan 28, 2010   Photographer
i hope you both will collab again! :)
InSilentNoise Featured By Owner Jan 19, 2010
This one really brought me to tears! U're so captivating! U amuse me soo much and it frightens me because u write exactly what i've been feeling for a while now... :(
thank you soso much :heart:
[and don't be frightened.]
xskittyx Featured By Owner Dec 14, 2009
I am literally speechless. This is beyond amazing.
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